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Universal Design - remains more than ever the strategy to counteract societal challenges in a creative and transdisciplinary way. Already the Universal Design Expert Conference stated in the Weimar Declaration 2009 that the great responsibility comes from this realization. Products, architectures and services must be implemented in sustainable, sustainable and economically viable.


The Institute of Universal Design acts as moderator and networker. The orientation remains clear: our institute will develop and expand networks of industry, social economy and entrepreneurship in a sustainable way.


Today, universal design has become more than just a design theme, but has become a superordinate design approach of the economy, science and society.


The foundations have been laid, but complex tasks remain which must be worked on in partnership and on an equal footing with its users and users in the future as well.


To this end, the Institute for Universal Design develops and organizes various formats and services that will make a significant contribution to deepening Universal Design. Get to know our institute, our projects and partners here or especially at one of our events.


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