The following documentation gives you an overview of the UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2020 and other highlights such as the opening of "oursuperstore".


UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2020

Care for innovation

Care for Innovation is an association of young and innovative healthcare companies.

In March 2020, the founding members and other interested parties met at the Oskar von Miller Forum in Munich for the strategy meeting.

expert JURY 2020

The expert JURY determines the winner of the UNIVERSAL DESIGN expert and the UNIVERSAL DESIGN GOLD awards.


The members of the jury are composed of the different design disciplines and have dealt with the transdisciplinary dimensions of universal design.


For more information about the eypert jury, please click here.


consumer JURY 2020

The consumer JURY decides on the UNIVERSAL DESIGN CONSUMER AWARD and also offers the participants of the competition the opportunity to receive a direct evaluation and feedback for their products from the consumers.


For more information about the consumer JURY, please click here.


Premiere of oursuperstore

Opening of oursuperstore as part of MCBW 2020.

As a design shop, oursuperstore presents products that were developed and produced by social enterprises and their employees in collaboration with designers.


Socio City

Designing Urbanity - with social design.

The concept of urbanity reached its limits, it is not suited to meet future socio-psychological requirements.


During the workshop, concepts and perspectives for a new urbanity were presented and discussed in order to promote social interaction, socioculture and community identity.




Gold Winner 2020


Product: sippa home

Company: iuvas medical GmbH

With sippa we stand by people who find everyday habits such as drinking a major challenge. sippa fits into your everyday life like a normal drinking vessel and helps where it is needed. Inconspicuous. Functional. Easy.


When emptying a drinking vessel completely, the head must normally be stretched backwards. On the one hand, this is no longer possible for many people due to restricted movement, on the other hand, stretching opens the airways increases the risk of aspiration. If swallowing occurs during the drinking process, the patients are at increased risk of pneumonia.

sippa promotes an optimal head position for carefree drinking, the so-called chin-down or chin-tuck maneuver, especially for people with difficulty swallowing. The usual wetting of the lips and normal swallowing boluses enable a natural swallowing mechanism.

Winner UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2020


Documentation 2019

Yearbook of the UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2019

The documentation of the UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2019 gives you an overview of the award-winning products, services and concepts, as well as an impression of the jury and the presentation of the awards. Click here, for the yearbook.

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