Hiroshima Appeals 2020

In commemoration of the US atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, which killed 100,000 people on the spot and caused hundreds of thousands more to die in the weeks, months and years that followed, the Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA) started the poster campaign "Hiroshima Appeals" in cooperation with the Hiroshima International Cultural Foundation 1983.

All 23 designs of leading Japanese poster designers created so far in the course of the campaign will be exhibited under the name "Posters for Peace" in Vienna, Stadthagen, Hanover and Weimar, among other places

All posters can be purchased here: store.jagda.org



Posters for Peace:

Exhibition in Hanover

From October 24 to November 27, 2020, the Kreativagentur Zum Hohen Ufer is presenting the exhibition Posters for Peace in Hanover.

Zum Hohen Ufer Creative Agency, Bernhard-Caspar-Strasse 7, 30453 Hannover, Germany

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10 - 17 o'clock

Opening: 23.10.2020 at 17:00

Group appointments can be arranged under the following mail:

Further information about the Kreativagentur Zum Hohen Ufer please visit: https://www.zumhohenufer.de/

Posters for Peace:

Ausstellung Stadthagen

From September 26 to October 18 2020, the Museum Amtspforte in Stadthagen showed the works of the series "Hiroshima Appeals" and was opened for visitors and school classes.

Museum director Jan-Jakob Döllinger, mayor Oliver Theiß and Thomas Bade from the Institute for Universal Design, among others, welcomed the guests at the opening in the Old Police Cultural Center in Stadthagen.

For further information about the Museum Amtspforte in Stadthagen
please visit http://www.museum-stadthagen.de/

Pictures: Anastasia Esau for the Institute for Universal Design



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