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Gold Winner 2019


Product: PEGA shower cabin

Company: Kermi GmbH



The new pendulum and sliding door program PEGA charms all generations with softly rounded design, exclusive technology and appearance as well as a unique price-performance ratio. The PEGA handle caresses the hand. All doors, including those of the sliding doors, are lifted over unevenness when opening. PEGA offers barrier-free access, good splash protection, a useful glass-transparent towel hook, elegant chrome-plated applications, a continuous glass and profile height, a standard height of 2m and easy cleaning. Pre-assembly and lightweight, proven technology make installation easier for the installer and save costs.


Dokumentation 2019

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Yearbook of the UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2019

The documentation of the UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2019 gives you an overview of the award-winning products, services and concepts, as well as an impression of the jury and the presentation of the awards. Click here, for the yearbook.

Winner UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2019

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