UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2020


The following documentation gives you an overview of the UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2020 and other highlights such as the opening of "oursuperstore".


Care for innovation


Care for Innovation is an association of young and innovative healthcare companies.

In March 2020, the founding members and other interested parties met at the Oskar von Miller Forum in Munich for the strategy meeting.



expert jury 2020


The expert JURY determines the winner of the UNIVERSAL DESIGN expert and the UNIVERSAL DESIGN GOLD awards


The members of the jury are composed of the different design disciplines and have dealt with the transdisciplinary dimensions of universal design.


For more information about the eypert jury, please click here.


consumer jury 2020


The consumer JURY decides on the UNIVERSAL DESIGN CONSUMER AWARD and also offers the participants of the competition the opportunity to receive a direct evaluation and feedback for their products from the consumers.


For more information about the consumer JURY, please click here.


Premiere oursuperstore


Opening of oursuperstore as part of MCBW 2020.

As a design shop, oursuperstore presents products that were developed and produced by social enterprises and their employees in collaboration with designers.




Socio City


Designing Urbanity - with social design.

The concept of urbanity reached its limits, it is not suited to meet future socio-psychological requirements.


During the workshop, concepts and perspectives for a new urbanity were presented and discussed in order to promote social interaction, socioculture and community identity.




Gold Winner 2020


Product: sippa home

Company: Iuvas medical GmbH

With sippa we stand by people who find everyday habits such as drinking a major challenge. sippa fits into your everyday life like a normal drinking vessel and helps where it is needed. Inconspicuous. Functional. Easy.


When emptying a drinking vessel completely, the head must normally be stretched backwards. On the one hand, this is no longer possible for many people due to restricted movement, on the other hand, stretching opens the airways increases the risk of aspiration. If swallowing occurs during the drinking process, the patients are at increased risk of pneumonia.

sippa promotes an optimal head position for carefree drinking, the so-called chin-down or chin-tuck maneuver, especially for people with difficulty swallowing. The usual wetting of the lips and normal swallowing boluses enable a natural swallowing mechanism.

Winner UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2020

UNIVERSAL DESIGN GOLD is only awarded once a year!
The UNIVERSAL DESGIN GOLD award is awarded anually for only one submission.
sippa home
The drinking aid sippa enables the liquid level to be
compensated through a highly elastic membrane, so that you can
always drink with your chin down. sippa has the shape and color of an
ordinary drinking vessel. As a result, the user does not feel any
exclusion when using it.
HEWI has been comitted to the fields of universal design in a very special way for around 15 years and is particulary honored for this.
HEWI Serie 477/801 - Edition matt
Since 1969, range 477/801 has been the most integrated architectural
system for kindergartens, schools, public facilities and home.
Modularity, surface diversity and the comprehensive range of products
from lever handles and sanitary accessories to comfort products and
barrier-free elements enables cross-generational use, geared to the
individual needs of the user.
UNIVERSAL DESIGN expert winner 2020
UNIVERSAL DESIGN consumer 2020
sippa home
The drinking aid sippa enables the liquid level to be
compensated through a highly elastic membrane, so that you can
always drink with your chin down. sippa has the shape and color of an
ordinary drinking vessel. As a result, the user does not feel any
exclusion when using it.
S1 Smart Drill System
Stella Medical offers a user-friendly, small-size navigation system for
spine surgeries. The system offers the advantages of complex,
conventional navigation systems - higher precision and lower
complication rates - but at a significantly lower price.
ZAUNKÖNIG Mitmachstuhl
ZAUNKÖNIG (the German word for wren) is the first piece of furniture
that combines three essential functions that „new-born“ parents seek
for. Without any modifications (just turn it around) children can sit on it
when eating, stand on it while cooking and play with it in between.
Laid across ZAUNKÖNIG transforms into a bench that guarantees
usability across generations.
Dreieckstuch SCHATZI
The idea came up in Spring 2019 for light, cozy scarves in trendy colors that easily
fit in your jacket pocket. This design, “SCHATZI”, was developed for production
on hand-knitting machines – with an emphasis on variety and quality instead
of quantity.
burgbad GmbH
Innovative and patented lighting that deserves a spotlight: thanks to
diffusers on the inner sides of the mirrored doors, the mirror cabinets
in the rl30 Room Light range illuminate the face with natural lighting
that can be individually adjusted via the position of the doors. The
diffusers on the sides distribute the light to create a perfect lighting
Kermi GmbH
Kermi illustrates the process of partial renovation of a narrow
bathroom, which in just a few steps becomes a bathroom for all
situations in life. Important for narrow bathrooms: The shower can be folded
against the wall to a depth of less than 40 cm when not in use.
Franka Emika Training Platform
At Franka Emika, we develop outstanding industrial robots that feature
world‘s most advanced technology and unprecedented usability. In
pursue of our vision and social responsibility to make robots and AI
accessible to everyone, we have created an out-of-the-box, ready to
use training platform that includes, at its core, our industrial robotic
system, with the same exceptional technology and usability.
Naber CornoTurno
With the stainless steel sink combination Corno Turno (500 or 600 mm
cabinet width) for installation in front of windows on worktop level, all
work processes are carried out within the sink. The faucet integrated
into the sink wall can be swivelled by 180° and simply lowered into the
bowl on both sides.
Transporta bag
Trasporta bag is a broadly usable, user-friendly multi-purpose bag. It
was developed in collaboration with wheelchair users and pedestrians
as an accessory for everyday use. Trasporta combines functionality,
aesthetics and the skills of a minority to work for everyone.
Relaxsessel Insideout
Professional Recliner Armchair with bed function in a lightweight
scandinavian design made for sophisticated barrier-free living.
universal design socket
Especially for people with disabilities
and seniors the electric socket can become a hurdle. The result is a
random movement of the wrist, hoping to find the contact-opening by
coincidence. The solution: universal design socket. Thanks to the
internal guide, the contacts can be plugged in with a simple rotary
Norco Cadrick Rucksack Tasche
Mobility by bicycle has become a part of modern urban lifestyle. The
Rucksack Bag combines elegant appearance with sophisticated
functionality and a design which is aligned on the flowing use between
the office, family and everyday life.
Kindgerechte Jacke
Joni Studio is developing childfriendly clothes since 2017. The patterns and the closure are both designed to be adjusted to te children’s
needs and motor skills.
OXO Good Grips Messbecher
This series of measuring cups has an angled measuring scale for easy
reading without constant bending. Thanks to the patented,
permanently etched measuring scale, which runs diagonally upwards,
it can be read from above.
CASO Kitchen Energy
This kitchen scale works without batteries. By turning the power button, energy is
generated for one minute. The kinetic energy (energy of movement) is converted
into electrical energy and thus generates the necessary electricity to put the
scale into operation.
WAY is a fitting for your door: it is modern, rich in contrast and helps to
guide the key into the keyhole more easily even in the dark. The key
guide helps senior citizens, blind people, children and people with
physical disabilities to aim better. The inconspicuous assistance makes
the set suitable for everyone with or without handicap.
UNIVERSAL DESIGN expert award 2020
Awarded by the expert jury chaired by Uni. Prof. Wolfgang Sattler (Bauhaus University Weimar)
magdas hotel
Run by recognized refugees in teaching and hotel professionals with and without
refugee experience, in cooperation with artists, architects and students, magdas
HOTEL is something different: a place for meetings and connections, going far
beyond regular hotel experience.
Community garden
I did not want my children to think that tomato grows in the
supermarket and their best friends lives in a virtual world. So I created a community garden “audz”..
Stuhlserie SITZ
SITZ fits! The chair SITZ complements the table HALT. It is as well a
reliable and comfortable piece of furniture. Its clear silhouette and soft
curves fit in to various environments. Seats in trams, subway trains
and busses, where secure grip is essential, inspired the design of
SITZ’s wide handle bar.
EMB Leuchten
As a manufacturer of lighting systems for the health sector (AAL), we
have equipped various luminaires with radio technology. This is
intended to support and relieve the stress on care-dependent people
and nursing staff in health care facilities as well as in the homecare
sector through simple handling of the switching elements.
Interaktive Demenzhilfe
Working with biographic content can improve the life quality of people
with dementia and may contribute to upholding ones identity.
Therefore working with biography and memories are considered
crucial for the treatment of people suffering from dementia. MINO is a
holistic digital concept for interactive memory maintenance, that has
been created in co-working with caregivers.
Universal Rooms
Universal Rooms is a design and interior design concept for liferesistant living for all generations. In the future, it will be a matter of designing living spaces in such a way that living in old age is
destigmatized and the quality of life is increased.
Quali Co., Ltd.
CS100 is a one-of-a-kind swivel stool inspired by flowers swaying in the
wind. CS100 makes any seating motions stable with our exclusive
spring technology. The seat leans and swivels 360 degrees produce
ideal posture during activities.
“SALITRO & Stafit II” are a chair and desk designed to replace the
traditional one-way teaching classroom setting with a collaborative
learning environment to encourage problem solving by students.
“SALITRO” combines a seat shell with the newly developed mechanical
flip-up and down function.
UNIVERSAL DESIGN consumer award 2020
Awarded by 100 people of the Consumer Jury 2020
Drink on
Drink On is a drinking reminder that provides ambience on the table
with its atmospheric lighting. By placing Drink On
in a place within sight and reach and then placing a drinking vessel on
top of it, the „drinking station“ is activated. This reminds the owner of drinking by atmospheric lighting at regular intervals.
Panama is a bowl that allows you to open any type of jar with just one
hand. This is particularly helpful when only one hand is free, your own
strength is no longer sufficient or certain restrictions make it
impossible to use two hands.
Staying Alive
Staying Alive is a food brochure that can be used in everyday life.
Without having to reada lot, the user is given maximum information in
short texts. Through coloured paper,stickers and pictures, it creates a direct visual reference to the refrigerator.
Der bewegte Schrank
„The moving cabinet“ is suitable for young people as well as for older people. Children come to all items of clothing as well as very large adults who are health-related.
Lars Lubatschowski developed the participation platform UNSER
MÜNCHEN as part of his master‘s thesis. The platform provides
information about ways of participation, shows current events in the
neighbourhood and motivates citizens to start their own initiative.
Special Mention Social Design
Award for special commitment in the development of universal design strategies in the social economy.
Wurstschneidebrett „Für Uns“
This sausage cutting board from the Für Uns-Manufaktur is designed
for the perfect cut of the Hessian sausage speciality „Stracke“ (salami
alike) and other cold cut varieties. Due to a design development event
with experts from the Institute of Universal Design the board has been
modified so that it can be used by both right-handers and left-handers.
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Dokumentation 2019

Yearbook of the UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2019

The documentation of the UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2019 gives you an overview of the award-winning products, services and concepts, as well as an impression of the jury and the presentation of the awards. Click here, for the yearbook.

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Gold Winner 2019


Product: PEGA shower cabin

Company: Kermi GmbH



The new pendulum and sliding door program PEGA charms all generations with softly rounded design, exclusive technology and appearance as well as a unique price-performance ratio. The PEGA handle caresses the hand. All doors, including those of the sliding doors, are lifted over unevenness when opening. PEGA offers barrier-free access, good splash protection, a useful glass-transparent towel hook, elegant chrome-plated applications, a continuous glass and profile height, a standard height of 2m and easy cleaning. Pre-assembly and lightweight, proven technology make installation easier for the installer and save costs.


Winner UNIVERSAL DESIGN competition 2019

Quick-Check Pistenleitsystem
In 2017 motasdesign won the international design competition
for the new wayfinding system of the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm
Leogang Fieberbrunn. The key decision was to understand
it as a traffic guidance system with a focus on safety. It is based
on common mental models, tried and tested materials, colours
and information reduction. The goal is to develop an innovative
wayfinding system together with the client with the potential to
become an international standard.
HEWI Sanitärsystem 900
System 900 can be used to create bathrooms that exude a sense
of well-being, enhance user well-being and offer the best possible
level of independence and safety. A timeless design is created
in conjunction with durable materials, such as chrome, satin
stainless steel or matt powder coating.
It is a proven fact that out toilets are an ergonomic mess. Stuul is the first attempt to reinterpret the toilet stool through an
innovative, unobtrusive and neutral design into a lifestyle oriented
product to fit modern bathroom interiors with the goal to increase
acceptance for this important product.
Being in need for care and assistance, or getting the diagnosis
dementia, can lead to a life of isolation and loneliness for the
patient and their close ones. Until now there have been no offers
in cinemas that met the demands. Intergenerationally “Silberfilm”
wants to achieve that people of all ages can leave their daily
health-care worries behind to relax at the cinema and meet other
people in a public area.
Casa - Die Haltegrifffamilie
With its clear aesthetic, materials and colours, the Casa line of
support knobs provides support, safety and fall prevention for private
homes, hotels, health care and public facilities in a customtailored
yet unobtrusive way. Casa consists of 6 support knobs,
each with its own distinct function, that can be used on their own
or in combination, allowing users to combine several knobs to fit their individual needs.
Eliot - Höhenverstellbarer Schreibti
Eliot is a smart electrical height adjustable desk. Step-less, smooth, fast and quiet, the table height can be adjusted from 65 - 130 cm. Eliot is very adaptable thanks to intelligent accessories,
and your desired design is achieved with customizable colored
Gira Studio
A rounded design. Round and square, black and white: the new
Gira Studio design line focuses on contrasts. As a surface-mounted
variant in fashionable design interiors, or as a flush-mounted
variant in sophisticated living areas.
KUMOVIS develops technologies fo